The mission of the ElderLink ministry is to equip, encourage, and link those who serve as leaders in Churches of Christ, through collaborative relationships, informative resources, and shared learning opportunities.

Elders, ministers, spouses, and ministry leaders of all types can improve their leadership skills and experience much-needed spiritual refreshment at one- and two-day events held in various locations across the country.

Beyond the Status Quo

This year’s theme is Beyond the Status Quo: Discovering New Frontiers with God. With a cultural landscape that is steadily changing, it is natural to resort to what is predictable, comfortable, and safe. Change is often associated with uncertainty, anxiety, and risk. But what if change was actually an opportunity in disguise? What if God could lead our congregations beyond the status quo and into something revolutionary and new? This year, ElderLink will focus on how we as congregational leaders can faithfully join God in the discovery of new frontiers in leadership, congregational life, and community engagement. We hope you will join us!