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Abilene Christian University educates leaders who believe God calls us to love with all our hearts, lead with all our minds, and serve with all our strength. We aim to transform our students into the likeness of Jesus and produce leaders who think critically, globally and missionally through distinctive and innovative programs that deliver a unique, Christ-centered experience that draws students into community. These leaders learn to apply their Christian faith to their field of study, and they engage the world as critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, global citizens and volunteers.

Students look over homework
Rusty Towell talking about NEXT Lab

NEXT Lab works to solve global problems

A box of Morton’s salt sitting on a table and mention of a Crock-Pot makes visitors to ACU’s NEXT Lab wonder if they are in the right place. But just a few seconds into an explanation from Rusty Towell, a professor in the university’s Department of Engineering and Physics, dispels any misgivings. 

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Dr. Jerry Taylor

New Carl Spain Center on Race Studies and Spiritual Action

The man who delivered the most explosive lecture ever heard on the Abilene Christian University campus has been honored with the opening of the Carl Spain Center on Race Studies and Spiritual Action. None could be more pleased than Dr. Jerry Taylor, associate professor of Bible, missions and ministry, who will be director of the new center.  

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