Wildcat Football team entering stadium

Home field advantage

Anthony Field Wildcat Stadium, which opened in August 2017, marks an exciting new era for the ACU community. Join the fun as we prepare for another exciting season!

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Whether you’re starting college for the first time or returning for a graduate degree, ACU is a place where any conversation on any topic may be engaged with kindness and compassion, even (and especially) when we disagree. ACU invites you to find the program that fulfills your individual purpose.

Students look over homework
Rusty Towell talking about NEXT Lab

NEXT Lab works to solve global problems

A box of Morton’s salt sitting on a table and mention of a Crock-Pot makes visitors to ACU’s NEXT Lab wonder if they are in the right place. But just a few seconds into an explanation from Rusty Towell, a professor in the university’s Department of Engineering and Physics, dispels any misgivings. 

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Fulbright Scholars posing for photo in front of Jacob's Dream sculpture

Fulbright Scholars ready for adventure

Lindsie Lawson and Mackenzie Sanderson will barely have time to celebrate graduation before it’s time to start packing for the exciting next adventures in their lives. The two seniors made history when both received 2018 Fulbright Scholar Awards, the first time for two ACU students to receive the honor in the same year. 

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