Guidelines for Student Visitors

Guest Conduct: Do remember that classes are in session or standardized testing is proceeding as you compete. Be quiet in our hallways and act respectfully at all times.

Communal Areas: As guests us communal areas, be aware that ACU students, faculty and staff are continuing to work and attend classes. Please do not extend cords across walkways or in front of entrances or office doors. Do not move furniture that is in designated areas. Also, use trash cans to dispose of your trash and food. If there is overflow, we can get trash bags to dispose of extra waste.

Prayer Rooms: Guest students are not to use Prayer Rooms in COBA or the Bible Building.

Personal Items: Personal items need to be attended at all times. If items are left unattended, it is assumed that they are free for others to use or take. If items are lost, report them to Regional Director Jerrod Cook. We will do our best to return lost items to the proper owner.

Hallways and Classrooms: Empty classrooms or hallways cannot be used for practicing events or communal gathering. Practicing and visiting/eating are encouraged in allocated tournament communal areas.

Adult Sponsors: Schools are highly encouraged to bring one adult per four students to monitor students and account for their safety.

Furniture Use: ACU has invested in the furniture and buildings of the campus to make it an environment conducive to study and scholarship. As guests to the campus, we ask that you respect our investment by not moving furniture or standing on it. Please treat it as you would your own. Any furniture or building damages will be billed to the liable organization.

Safety on Campus: ACU is an open campus. Security is provided for ACU students, faculty/staff and visitors. Yet, safety precautions should always be taken. Sponsors should know where students are at all times. Please do not let them wander around campus and consider that, while at ACU, you are visitors to our campus.

Safety or Losses: If there is an incident or loss, please contact Jerrod Cook.