Accidents & Incidents

All accidents and incidents (regardless of severity) occurring in the workplace or during an ACU-sponsored event need to be reported promptly, not to exceed 48 hours.

An Accident Report is available on the Office of Risk Management website.  The form should be filled out for all accidents/incidents regardless of whether anyone is injured.  The form may be accomplished electronically and should be  emailed to or faxed to 325-674-2396, or brought to the Risk Management office in room 110A of the Facilities and Campus Management Building or ACU PO Box 28179.

General Procedures

  • Call 9-1-1 for Fire Department or EMS assistance (if required) for the situation.
  • If the accident involves a vehicle(s), notify ACU Police at 674-2911.
  • Assess the scene to ensure it is safe, take reasonable actions to make it safe, and prevent others from approaching it is unsafe.
  • Determine if anyone is injured, the extent of the injury(s), and request medical assistance for serious/life threatening injuries.
  • Notify the Office of Risk Management as soon as possible at 674-2363 so an investigation can be initiated.  If the accident/incident occurs outside normal business hours, notify ACU Police at 674-2911. 
  • Do not remove any objects or clean the area until notified by ACU Police or the Office of Risk Management.
  • Do not make any statements regarding ACU’s responsibility, fault, or willingness to pay for any damages or injuries as a result of the accident/incident.
  • Attempt to obtain the names and contact information of witnesses to the accident/incident.

Employee Injury Procedures

  • Employees are required to notify their supervisor of work-related injuries or illnesses and obtain appropriate treatment. 
  • Treatment Options
  • Refer to the Accidents and Injuries Policy to obtain additional guidance on procedures and contact the Office of Risk Management if you have any questions.