Commencement Information

For Master's and Doctoral Candidate instructions, please visit the Office of Graduate Programs's graduation page.

Preparing for Commencement

1. Financial Aid Arrangements

Students with federal loans who have not completed an exit interview must do so by visiting You will be required to enter your FAFSA PIN. Questions may be directed to the Depot at 325-674-2300 or 888-588-6083.

2. Diplomas

The name and mailing address on the Commencement Information Form will be used for the Commencement program and to print and mail diplomas. Therefore, you MUST fill out the Commencement Information Form (you will be sent an email when this form is available on-line).

You will be receiving only a ceremonial diploma tube at Commencement. If the address to which you want your diploma mailed (within two months following Commencement) has changed, it is your responsibility to inform the Registrar's Office. Changing your address through the campus Post Office will not change your diploma address.

3. Invitations

    Please visit the ACU Bookstore to order invitations. 


Schedule of Events

Commencement Rehearsal

Friday, December 15, 2017

3:00 p.m. - Undergraduate rehearsal in Moody Coliseum


  • Bachelor's Candidates: Remember to bring your escort along with your hood and mortar board with you to rehearsal.
  • Candidates should report to the check-in tables in the lobby of the Teague Special Events Center to receive Commencement ceremony information and to find out where to report to line up.

"Hooding the graduate" is a long-standing tradition in the ACU Commencement ceremony. A parent or special person selected by the graduate serves as an escort and during the ceremony places the hood on the graduate.

Commencement Ceremony

Friday, December 15, 2017

7:30 p.m. - Commencement ceremony in Moody Coliseum


  • Candidates and escorts should report to their assigned location to line up 30 minutes prior to Commencement.
  • Please note that there is major construction to the highway closest to the university and could cause traffic delays. For more information on weather and/or construction conditions please visit the LocationConditions website.


Ceremony Information

1. Dress and Regalia

Men: Suit coats are not required, but ties should be worn. Dark slacks, dark socks, and dark shoes are considered appropriate apparel for academic regalia occasions.

Ladies: Dark clothing (either blouses and skirts or dresses) should be worn under the black robes. Light colors of clothing should be worn under the white robes.

No flowers are to be worn or carried.

According to traditions of academic regalia, no jewelry or non-academic accessories should be worn on the outside of the robe; no accessories or decor on the cap. The only exceptions are the gold stole worn by Honors Program students, the medallion worn by University Scholar student, the gold braid worn by departmental honors, and the discipline-based Honor regalia. There are no special cords for candidates receiving Latin Honors.

Sunday dress or business casual is the most appropriate attire for guests. 

Purchasing Regalia

Academic regalia will be available in The Campus Store Tuesday through Friday (8 a.m. - 5 p.m.) during Graduation week. Regalia may not be charged to student accounts.

Bachelor Candidates may purchase a complete set (consisting of the black undergraduate gown, the white escort gown, the hood, the cap and the tassel) for $88.

Associate Candidates may purchase a complete set (consisting of the black undergraduate gown, the cap and the tassel) for $45.

Disposing of Academic Regalia

The regalia you wear in the Commencement ceremonies at ACU is yours to keep or dispose of as you wish.

2. Photography

During the ceremony, each graduate will walk across the stage and receive a diploma cover. Your photograph will be taken at this point by a professional photographer from GradTrack Graduation Images. You will receive a free passport-sized digital proof of this photo on an order card within 5-7 days following the ceremony. After the ceremony you may order online at; to pre-register please visit and click on Pre-Event Registration.

Since this service is provided by the university, all family members and guests are asked to remain in their seats during the entire ceremony. Under no circumstances will anyone other than the professional photographer be allowed on the platform or the Coliseum floor to take pictures. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

3. Seating for guests requiring Sign Language Interpreter

If your guests require the services of a signer, seats will be reserved for them in the lower rows of Section A. The signs on these seats will read "Reserved for Guests requiring Sign Language Interpretation."

4. Academic Honors Designations in Printed Program

Honors at Commencement are based on a student's GPA on courses taken at ACU. Students must complete at least 64 hours of course work at ACU to qualify to graduate with honors. The GPA thresholds for students who entered ACU in Fall 2006 or later are 3.6 for cum laude, 3.75 for magna cum laude, and 3.9 for summa cum laude.

Honors listed in the graduation program are based on completed, graded hours and current GPA at the time of Commencement. If the final semester's grades alter the student's standing, the correct honor will be noted on the diploma. 

5. Extra or Unusual Noises during Ceremony

Please ask your family members and guests to refrain from bringing air horns or other unusual noise-making instruments into the Coliseum for use during the ceremony. The ACU Commencement ceremony is not a high school ceremony. Thank you for your cooperation.

6. Recessional

Please ask your family and guests at the ceremony to remain in their seats until the recessional is finished. Please stay in line with your fellow graduates until you have exited the building.

7. Reception

There will be a reception honoring graduates following the ceremony. Faculty and administrators will be there to greet the graduates and their guests.

8. Seating for Elderly and those with Physical Limitations

If you have disabled or elderly guests who might have difficulty climbing stairs, seats will be reserved in the lower rows of Sections U, A, and B on the east side of the Coliseum. Designated seats will be marked with "Physical Limitations" signs. This seating is available on a first come, first served basis. Note: Due to limited seating and a growing demand for this service, please arrange for one person to sit with the disabled or elderly guest while all other family members and guests sit elsewhere in the Coliseum.


For further assistance, please call the Registrar's Office at 325-674-2236 or email