Vocational Formation

At ACU, we believe the work we do matters. It matters to the world. It matters to God.

God longs for the world to be a place of human flourishing - a place of wholeness, peace, joy, rest, and hope. Whether you are a teacher, therapist, business person, non-profit leader, healthcare professional or find your work in another profession, your work is not disconnected from the life of God, but the very place that God longs for you, your colleagues, your clients, and your community to experience human flourishing.

In addition to offering innovative and industry leading graduate degrees, ACU Online is committed to the vocational formation of every student helping them understand and experience their work as meaningful, life-giving, and significant.

This includes:

  • Curriculum that focuses on the formation of students’ vocational identity
  • Co-curricular opportunities that deepen students’ capacity to experience meaningful work
  • Faculty and staff committed and willing to help students understand and experience the many ways that their work contributes to the common good.

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