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Welcome to the ACU Medical Clinic, your on-campus health care provider. It is our goal to help ACU students, faculty, staff and dependents live healthy lives by providing excellent health care and education.

Schedule an appointment in person or by phone at 325-674-2625. If the patient has a myACU account, they may schedule online by going to Quicklinks, choose Medical Clinic Patient Portal and click on the “Appointments” tab. Patients can usually see a nurse practitioner within 24 hours. Office visit fees for students are $10 and $45 for employees, spouses and dependents.  Labs, tests, injections and medications are an additional fee.

Patient Portal 
Patients with an active myACU account may schedule appointments, access their immunization record and statements, enter their required immunization information, read information about their diagnosed condition(s) and more by clicking here. 

To report any COVID-19 exposure, symptoms or test results, access the Patient Portal and click on the COVID-19 tab.  In line with CDC recommendations, we are screening patients before entrance to the clinic.  If you are experiencing COVID-19, flu or upper respiratory symptoms, patients will begin with a telehealth appointment with our nurse practitioner.  If further testing is deemed necessary, patients will be given an appointment time for drive-up/walk-up testing.  All symptomatic and/or COVID-19 exposed patients are given the rapid antigen test for timely results and diagnosis.  The fee for this test is $40.  Asymptomatic students and employees may request a PCR test available to us through funded research at no cost.

No Show Policy

In order to ensure that all patients are able to receive medical care in a timely fashion, we must enforce a $40 no show fee that will be charged to the patient’s banner account if they fail to keep their appointment or cancel at least one hour before the scheduled time. A patient may cancel their appointment on the Medical Clinic Patient Portal found in the myACU Quicklinks or by calling our office at 325-674-2625.

Medical Services 
All current ACU students, faculty, staff and their dependents are eligible to receive services at the Medical Clinic. Our providers treat the full range of primary health care needs. We provide primary care for acute illnesses, infections, allergies, asthma, wounds, sprains, sports medicine, travel medicine, mental health, and men’s and women’s health, as well as other services normally associated with a medical office.

Wildcat Care Telemedicine
ACU undergraduate students have access to 24/7 health care by logging onto Wildcat Care. Most online visits take less than 20 minutes and patients will receive a diagnosis and treatment plan from a medical doctor, nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant. When indicated, prescriptions can be instantly e-prescribed to the patient’s local pharmacy.

Allergy Injections
We are happy to coordinate with your doctor at home to provide allergy injections or necessary lab work, and can make referrals for specialist care.

Psychiatric Services
Our on-staff psychiatrist treats ADHD, bipolar disorder, major depression, and other psychiatric conditions that are treated on an outpatient basis. Fees range from $40 to $150 for an office visit. Patients should call 325-674-2625 and are usually able to secure an appointment within two weeks or less.

Prescription Delivery Service
We are partnering with James McCoy’s Drug Store to offer you the convenience of picking up your prescription medicines here at our clinic. It’s easy to sign up! You will need your prescription insurance information, your credit card information, and your former pharmacy information if you are transferring a standing prescription to complete this form. Drop it off at our office and you are all set!

All medical records are kept confidential. Any information released is done so only with the patient’s written authorization, except in cases where required by law.

The medical clinic does not bill insurance but can provide patients with a receipt for filing purposes. Payment for services is expected at the time of the visit via cash, check, credit card or by charging to the patient’s ACU account. You may wish to provide your insurance information for out-of-clinic services such as lab tests, diagnostic tests, ER visits, and physician referrals.