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Department of Theatre

The ACU Theatre offers a rigorous and transformative studio-intensive program designed for students with a strong commitment to a professional career in performance, directing, design, teaching or theatre ministry. Our curriculum and facilities are contemporary and cutting-edge. As a theatre student, you’ll receive a well-rounded education with hands-on experience in all phases of backstage work.

Students in performance and design tracks have the opportunity to spend their final semester studying with Broadway and award-winning instructors in New York City. The ACU Theatre has an affiliation agreement with Syracuse University allowing ACU Theatre majors to attend the Tepper Semester. The ACU Theatre Senior Showcase is held each year in NYC playing to prospective agents, casting directors and other industry professionals. The ACU Theatre also produces the Abilene Shakespeare Festival each summer offering students performance and technical opportunities as well as summer stipends.

Integrating faith and art is at the center of the creative work at the ACU Theatre. Students can connect the spiritual implications and influences of their work through faculty mentors and challenging discussions.

The ACU Theatre program is exciting and competitive; we accept only 12 incoming students each fall. This allows for more performance and learning opportunities for our students.

NOTE: An audition is required for admission. To schedule an audition, click on the "Future Students" tab and select "Auditions and Interviews."

“Theatre is such a personal, human connection. Each performance is different and each audience experiences something different. God is the ultimate creator, and us being able to create is like the acting image of God.”

– Brielle Walker ('19)

“God is the source of all goodness, and anything good we see has a glimmer of God in it. We are digging through humanity to find the God that lives in us...”

– Christian Winter ('19)