Honors College

The Honors College at ACU is committed to helping students maximize their educational experience. We strive to give talented students the best resources so they can positively affect the world around them. Whether our students are working on cutting-edge research, completing internships, or tackling pressing issues in modern society, Honors College students are at the forefront of their respective fields. If you are ready to do more than simply get a degree, request more information about the ACU Honors College.

Abilene Christian University Honors College students on a trip to Mexico to explore the Mayan culture and astronomy

Signature Opportunities

One of the primary objectives of the Honors College at ACU is to encourage and facilitate experiential opportunities. The Honors College is designed to support students in undergraduate research, internships, Study Abroad, and conference travel.

There are no extra costs required for Honors College participation. Frequent social events and small-group chapel gatherings encourage fellowship among Honors College students and teachers.

  • ACU Honors Internship Programs
  • Study Abroad & Research Travel Grants
  • Spiritual Community
  • Honors Colloquia with Outstanding Professors
  • Major Fellowship Advising (Fulbright, Truman, etc.)
  • Enhanced Learning Opportunities
  • Graduate School Preparation

“The Honors College taught me to strive for more. They taught us how to ask the hard questions, funded international adventures, facilitated academic conferences, and provided mentorship opportunities. They assisted in crafting the best versions of ourselves.”

Joyce (Schuster '15) Godbey

Three students celebrating graduation.

ACU Honors Experience


Through study, worship, service and numerous special events, Honors students connect in meaningful intellectual and spiritual community.


Honors courses, with outstanding professors and smaller class sizes, provide rich environments in which students have the opportunity to go deeper and broader than the typical college course. Students are challenged to learn and think from multiple perspectives as they wrestle with the big questions and problems of the world.


Honors students travel across the world each year to intern, study abroad, or engage in mission and service work. Honors travel grants are often available to assist with travel costs. The Honors College also provides guidance for students to apply for travel-based postgraduate awards such as the Fulbright Program and the Marshall Scholarship.


Students in the Honors College frequently produce research of interest to the broader academic community, presenting at regional and national conferences.


Honors students achieve prestigious scholarships and fellowships and are awarded the best internships. These achievements helped 100 percent of our last graduating class to be placed in a graduate program, professional school or career.