About the Center for Building Community

The Center for Building Community houses both the LYNAY and Pulse student programs. LYNAY originated in the fall of 1999. It began with a group of 100 students that met once per week. It has now grown to 200 students with two different groups that meet on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. LYNAY’s population is made up of representatives from each grade classification and ethnic groups from across campus.

Pulse began in the fall of 2010. The Center for Building Community saw the opportunity to reach more students and develop more future leaders. Pulse is class exclusive and has the various ethnic groups making its population.

Students attend meetings once per week on their group’s designated day. These sessions are designed to improve their appreciation for and understanding of servant-leadership in the community. The students have the opportunity to listen to different speakers and engage in conversation that can lead to a better understanding of how to enhance the community around them. The students have the opportunity to impact the Abilene community through volunteer service. They also participate in group activities that enhance their relationships with their peers in their group.


Taken from Matthew 22:36-40, LYNAY gets its name from Jesus’ teaching of the second greatest commandment: “Love Your Neighbor As Yourself”. LYNAY seeks to have a diverse mix of every type of student on campus. Each LYNAY group has roughly 25 students from each grade classification. LYNAY is also well represented by each ethnic background on ACU’s campus.


We view the students in the Pulse Program as the “pulse” or “voice” of their respective class. Each member of Pulse is surrounded by 99 other students in their class. We encourage the Pulse students to take the information they learn each week and share that with their peers. Pulse is also well represented by each ethnic background on ACU’s campus.

Download the Service Hour Timesheet for LYNAY and Pulse.