How to Find Information on PAFs

Once you have logged into Banner, follow the directions to find the correct information you need to accurately complete your PAF.


  • At Direct Access, type in SOAIDEN and press enter.

  • Tab from ID box to Last Name box.

  • Type in the last name of your employee with % at the end.

  • Example: Johnston%

  • At the bottom of the screen, select "No" under Case Sensitive Query.

  • Press the F8 button or on a Mac choose 'QUERY' - 'EXECUTE'

  • Find the employee name, and their 9-digit Banner ID #.

Position #

  • At Direct Access, type in NBIPORG and press enter.

  • Tab to the Orgn field, and type in the 5-digit Org number for your department.

  • Press Ctrl-Page Down or on a Mac choose 'BLOCK' - 'NEXT'

  • Write down the position number you are interested in.

FOAP, Employee Class & FTE

  • At Direct Access, type in NBAPBUD and press enter.

  • Enter the current fiscal year in the Fiscal Year box (i.e. 2002) and position number.

  • Press Ctrl-Page Down.  (Mac choose 'BLOCK' - 'NEXT')

  • Employee Class (Ecls) is shown here.

  • Under Options, select Salary Budget. This shows the amount of salary budgeted for this position (NOT necessarily the salary being paid).

  • Under Options, select Position Labor Distributions. This screen displays the accounting distribution, or FOAP, where that particular position is budgeted and where the actual expenses will be charged.  The FTE will be located in the top right hand corner.