Payroll Calendars

Please subscribe to the calendar that corresponds with the type of employee you are classified as.

If you approve the time or leave of a specific type of employee, please subscribe to that calendar as well to keep yourself apprised of important payroll deadlines for you and that employee.

To subscribe to any of the three payroll calendars below, go to your google calendar. To the left hand side at the bottom is a box that says "Other Calendars." At the bottom left of that box, click on the Add link that has the down arrow. Form the choices, select "add by url." Copy and paste the link above for the calendar you wish to add.

Monthly: Please subscribe to this calendar if you are an exempt employee or approve an exempt employee's time.

Nonexempt and Student: Please subscribe to this calendar if you are a nonexempt employee or if you approve a nonexempt employee's time.

Once you have added the applicable calendars, please set your notifications to remind you to submit or approve time accordingly.

Instructions for approving time can be found at the this link.

If you are experiencing problems subscribing to the calendars or approving time, please feel free to contact HR front line at extension 2359 or at so that the problem can be resolved.