To provide a paid-time-off benefit that will provide a restful break in year-round routine and support the university's goals to attract and retain quality employees.

This benefit applies to all full-time and half-time staff employees of the university.

ACU encourages each staff employee to take an annual vacation as paid time off away from work.  The university does not provide vacation pay unless vacation time is actually taken as time off from work, or upon separation of employment.

An employee earns vacation based on hours worked.  Vacation hours accrue each pay period.  Accrued hours can be found on banner self serve at


  • Upon completion of six months of service, a staff employee may begin to use the vacation hours.  The employee's supervisor gives approval to specified days off from work.
  • As vacation hours are taken, the remaining unused hours can be found on banner self serve at
  • Vacation accrual rates are as follows:
Years of Service Amount of Vacation Vacation Accrued Per Month
0-4 Years 80 hours 6.67 hours
5-9 Years 120 hours 10 hours
10-14 Years 140 hours 11.67 hours
15+ Years 160 hours 13.34 hours
  • The amount of vacation increases on the employee's anniversary date at 5, 10 and 15 years.
  • Reduced full-time and half-time staff employees accrue their vacation allowance on the same basis as full-time staff employees, except it is prorated according to the number of hours they worked.  Please see accrual calculations worksheet for further information.
  • Vacation time is not earned during an unpaid leave of absence.  When an employee returns to active status, vacation time begins accruing again
  • Unused vacation (up to 80 hours) will be paid to employees upon separation provided they (1) have completed one year of continuous service, (2) have given two weeks notice, (3) do not use vacation as the last two weeks of employment unless approved by their immediate supervisor, and (4) have reported vacation time adequately and promptly during employment. Pay will be computed based on the rate earned at the time of separation.


  1. Vacations may be taken by separate weeks or by days.
  2. Only 80 hours of vacation may roll forward to the following year. Non-Exempt employees will rollover vacation hours on January 15 of the following year. Exempt employees will rollover vacation hours on January 19 of the following year. 
  3. Selection of vacation dates is subject to approval of the employee's supervisor.
  4. If a university-paid holiday falls during an employee's vacation, the holiday will not be counted as vacation taken.  The employee may extend the vacation by one day or take the vacation day at a later date.
  5. Each supervisor should maintain a department schedule and record of the vacation time taken by each employee.
  6. Employees may not use vacation time as the last two weeks of employment unless approved by their immediate supervisor.