Abilene Christian Schools Tuition Benefit

Revised March 2017


To provide a tuition benefit to qualifying Abilene Christian University employees for dependents that attend K-12th grade at Abilene Christian Schools.


This tuition benefit applies to dependents of all full-time and reduced full-time faculty and staff at ACU. Half-time employees will receive a prorated benefit. ACU will use the IRS definition of “dependent” to determine the eligibility for dependents of ACU faculty and staff.


ACU will provide the dependents of full-time and reduced full-time employees $5,900 per academic year for students in K-6th grade and $6,300 per academic year for students in 7th-12th grade. Half-time employees are eligible for $3,000 per academic year. Employees are eligible for 50% of the benefit beginning with their start date of employment at ACU and 100% of the benefit during their second year of employment.


  • If an ACU employee has a spouse who qualifies for an ACS faculty/staff tuition discount, ACU will provide the lesser of the benefit listed above or the remainder of the tuition balance up to 100% of tuition. The ACS employee discount will apply first.
  • This benefit will not increase if both parents work at ACU.


Employees of ACU must annually submit an application to Human Resources. This grant will be awarded in conjunction with Abilene Christian Schools based on the employee's date of employment at the beginning of each semester.

The ACS tuition benefit offered to ACU employees is granted on a semester-by-semester basis. ACU will pay one-half of the annual amount per semester. Should an employee leave ACU or withdraw the employee's child from ACS prior to the completion of the ACS school year, then the benefit paid by ACU will be discontinued. Because ACU pays the benefit to ACS in advance, the employee will be required to reimburse ACU for the portion of the benefit that is attributable to the remainder of the ACS school year. The employee will be responsible for the remainder of their contract with ACS.

If the employee is leaving ACU, this reimbursement amount will be withheld from the employee's final paycheck. If the employee is not leaving ACU but has withdrawn the employee's child from ACS during the school year, then the reimbursement amount will be billed to the employee.