CAPP Degree Evaluation

Creating your Degree Evaluation for Catalog Years Prior to 2011

To run your Degree Evaluation, follow these steps:

  • Log in to myACU. Then click on the Banner menu option at the top left.
  • From the Main Menu select Student and Financial Aid, then Student Records, then Degree Evaluation.
  • You may be asked to select the current term. If this option does not appear, simply go on to the next step.
  • Click on Generate New Evaluation (at the bottom of the screen).
  • Select the button beside the degree program you wish to evaluate (if this information is incorrect, see your advisor before proceeding).
  • Select the year you plan to graduate. Then, click on Generate Request.
  • When the evaluation is finished, the title Degree Evaluation Options will appear. Click on the button next to Detail Requirements, then click the box marked Printer Friendly Version. Then, click on the Submit button to see the evaluation. The evaluation will appear on your screen (Note: Since the Printer Friendly Version will increase the font size, not just on the printed page, but on the screen as well, we recommend checking this box every time for easier viewing and printing).
  • When you are finished, the Back to Display Options link at the bottom of the evaluation will return you to the Degree Evaluation Options menu.
  • You will also want to view the Additional Requirements option, which will tell you if you have satisfied your high school foreign language requirement. This page also lists courses that do not count toward your degree plan.
  • If you want to print either evaluation page, use the print button on the top tool bar or select File->Print from the menu on your browser.

If you have questions about your evaluation or you believe there are classes which should count as a specified requirement but do not appear, please contact your advisor.