Student Associations

The Student Social Work Association (SSWA) is open to all interested undergraduate and graduate social work students and other ACU students as well. The students meet regularly to plan events, such as the Second Chance Dance or the Chickasaw Nation Spring Break Trip, learn from local social work professionals, and engage with each other and the community.

This association was formed in order to:

  1. unite Social Work Majors as brothers and sisters in Christ, supporting one another in prayer;
  2. provide them with opportunities to integrate their knowledge from their coursework into action throughout the community of Abilene, Texas, and globally;
  3. to facilitate social change; to promote Social Work as a profession on campus and in the community; and
  4. to integrate Social Work and Christian Values.

To find out more, email

There is no membership fee to be a part of this organization.

Currently sponsored by the BSSW Director, Dr. Stephen Baldridge.

Phi Alpha National Social Work Honor Society

Eligible social work graduate and undergraduate students who are identified by the faculty as having strong character are encouraged to participate in the Phi Gamma chapter of the Phi Alpha National Social Work Honor Society

Eligibility criteria include:

  • Declared social work as a major and at least sophomore status for undergraduate students
  • Completed 9 semester hours of required social work courses for undergraduate students or one term of courses for graduate students
  • Achieved an overall grade point average of 3.5 for undergraduate students and 3.7 for graduate students
  • Completed a student application form

This honor society serves to acknowledge the hard work of excellent students as well as contribute to the on and off campus community by way of service.