Social Clubs

Social clubs have a rich history at Abilene Christian University; Since 1919, ACU has been home to 29 local fraternities and sororities. Members form long-lasting friends as they participate together in events such as Sing Song, service projects, retreats, formal social events, and devotionals. They give students opportunities to develop long-lasting friendships. Students involved in club are encouraged to value academic excellence. They evolved from two campus societies established in 1907 for social connection: Argos and Argens. Those two groups became the Hardings and the Zellners in 1913.  

The women of GATA marching in the annual Homecoming parade.

Women's Social Clubs

  • Alpha Kai Omega (ΑΚΩ)
  • Delta Theta (ΔΘ)
  • GATA
  • Ko Jo Kai
  • Sigma Theta Chi (ΣΘΧ)
  • Tri Kappa Gamma (TΚΓ)
  • Zeta Rho (ΖΡ)

Men's Social Clubs

  • Frater Sodalis
  • Galaxy
  • Gamma Sigma Phi (ΓΣΦ)
  • Nu Kappa Psi (Noble Kings NKΨ)
  • Pi Kappa (ΠΚ)
  • Sub T-16
  • Trojans