To support the University mission of preparing students for Christian service and leadership throughout the world, the program will equip students for personal and professional contribution to families and communities in a global society, with commitment to building and maintaining relationships made diverse by cultural, personal and social characteristics. 

The major through its programs of instruction, service/learning, and partnership with community-based programs, will provide the student with a foundation that combines a Christian value base with the theories, principles, and practices of one or more academic disciplines.  The resulting attitudes, knowledge and skills will promote student life success in:

  1. Providing educational, remedial and rehabilitative services to families and communities;
  2. Organizing communities and neighborhoods for social action;
  3. Promoting family and community interests in public, private and governmental settings;
  4. Maintaining community resources that furnish responsive information, instruction, and assistance to all members of a community,
  5. Applying theoretical, knowledge-building and intervention skills in problem-solving activities with, and on behalf of, families and community members, especially those at risk of inequity due to cultural, personal or social characteristics.


These educational programs will prepare individuals who can apply such knowledge and skills in settings of graduate and continuing education, professional careers, faith-based action, and active citizenship in the variety of global and diverse communities that they will experience throughout life.