Student Highlights

Major-Specific Events

Several speakers and tracks are highly relevant to certain majors and are worth attending (and maybe even cancelling class for!). 

Business and Mission Track

This all-day track focuses specifically on the combination of business and missions, which could be very helpful for the budding Christian businessowner. 

Theatre Students

DATE, Thema Bryant-Davis will be leading a class on WHAT drawing from her background in theatre as well as psychology. 

DATE, Curtis King will lead "CLASS TITLE" about the ways theatre can advance the kingdom of God. 

Pre-Healthcare Students

The Global Refugee Medical Mission Experience in particular will be of interest to pre-healthcare students who are interested in medical missions of any sort. 

Bible Students

Naturally, much of this event is geared toward Bible students. 

Psychology Students

Thema Bryant-Davis' class, "CLASS," may be of special interest to students studying WHAT. 

Additionally, Casey McColom's Class "CLASS" about the enneagram will be helpful to those in WHICH fields looking to learn more about personality types.  

English, JMC, and Film Students

The first ever Summit Film Festival may be of special interest to those studying storytelling of various types. The festival will include motion pictures, documentaries, and DVD curriculum for small groups.