Ministering in the Small Church

Tuesday in BSB 120

Although there is no official number that makes a congregation “small” or “large,” there are definite and noticeable differences between the two.  Most books, lectures, conversations, etc. are geared toward larger congregations. This track, hosted by Shawn D. Johnson, is intended to provide encouragement, guidance, and lessons specifically for small (but equally important) churches and those who minister to them.

Tim Sensing

Reflections on Churches of Christ in Relationship to Size and Location (8:30)

During this historically focused session, Tim Sensing will reflect upon and explore the history of Churches of Christ specifically looking at church size and location. Prior to the 1906 U.S. Census, congregations in the Stone/Campbell movement were reported together by the Census Bureau. From that date forward, A cappella congregations and instrumental Stone/Campbell forged separate paths. For more than one hundred years, Churches of Christ can be found in various sizes and locations throughout the world.  

Shawn D. Johnson

We Are Not in the Numbers Game: An Unapologetic Defense of Small Churches (9:30)

In our minds, church growth and success are almost exclusively related to numbers, whether it be increases in those attending, more programs, or even more money donated. This mentality is enough to give a small church the false sensation of irrelevance. The Lord's church is both relevant and valuable, not because of numbers, but because the Lord is head. This class led by Shawn D. Johnson will include conversations about the life-cycle of a church, congregational demographics, and diversity within both a small community and a small church.

Michael Harbor

Treasures in Big and Little Packages (1:30)

Significant ministry and mission occurs in both large and small churches. Large churches often have critical mass and provide large scale mission and ministry. Small congregations often provide spiritual community and significant ministry. In this session, Michael Harbor will examine how although language between the two are sometimes different, there are spiritual treasures in both large and small congregations.

Wes Horn

Small Town, Big Ministry (2:30)

Like a small town physician who serves as a health care generalist, the preacher in a small town fills dozens of roles both inside and outside of the congregation. The context of the small town requires preachers to possess the highest degree of creativity, compassion, and interpersonal skills. In this session, Wes Horn will explore the vital role and various ministry opportunities of the minister in a small town and small church.

Trent Tanaro

Soul Care for Small Church Preachers (3:30)

Ministry in small congregations can at times be lonely for the preaching ministry who is always “on call.” As they take care of the people of God, preachers must attend to their own walks before the Holy Great One. In this session, Trent Tanaro will provide important principles through which those in ministry can grow spiritually and lead disciples in the congregation toward maturing in the Christ-life.