Siburt Institute

Congregational Leadership

With today's complexities of congregational leadership, church leaders must seek wisdom as they navigate the winds of change. This track, hosted by Eric Gentry, will explore healthy leadership practices, pastoral ministry, spiritual discernment, and fugure imagination for congregational leaders. This track wil meet Monday in BSB 120. 

Colin & Barry Packer

Empire and the Church: The Pastoral Work of Disentanglement (9:00)

This session will be a conversation about the pernicious influences of nationalism, wealth, and violence on the church. Ministers and elders must navigate congregational loyalties and orient their church towards God's kingdom of self-emptying peace. 

Kasey McCollum

Lessons from a Chaplain on Congregational Grief and Loss (10:00)

Kasey is a hospital chaplain whose work emphasizes family grief from newborn and prenatal death. She will offer advice on how congregations respond to and survive seasons of grief (especially those caused by loss of children in the congregation). 

Jovan Barrington

Spiritual Discernment as a Congregational Leader (1:30)

The congregational leader faces a host of decisions every day. This session will focus on moving from merely deciding to discerning.

Chess Cavitt

What Are We Here For? (2:30)

This class will be a reflection upon the purpose of the church in a new era. Across the country, churches are experiencing decline, members are less involved, and hallmark church offerings (like VBS, marriage seminars, and service projects) are poorly attended. Chess will engage scholarship and his own experiences in ministry outside the Bible Belt to articulate a fresh vision for the church's role in the world today. 

Carson Reed

Clarity in Complexity: Leadership Models for God’s Mission (3:30)

Present day cultural and contextual challenges create a daunting environment for church leaders. One path forward is to relinquish the false notion that good leaders must first figure things out. Rather, embracing prayer and biblical wisdom, effective leaders pay attention to foundational truths that provide clarity for meaningful and transformative leadership.