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ACU Press at Summit

This year, ACU Summit is partnering with ACU Press to bring you some of their most popular authors to speak on their books. Attend a session based off of your favorite new book, or, you can purchase the book after hearing the author speak (We might even offer you a discount!). We are excited to host these authors and look forward to reading their books and hearing about them. 

Reconciliation Reconsidered: Advancing the National Conversation on Race in Churches of Christ

Tanya Smith Brice

Location: BSB 114

Time: Monday, 2:30 p.m.

Themes: Race relations, church unity, reconciliation

A broad racial divide mars Churches of Christ, and courageous leaders from across the United States have joined together to listen to one another. Rather than adopt a posture of resignation, they have met for honest, God-honoring conversation.

In Reconciliation Reconsidered, Tanya Brice pulls together the early fruit she has gleaned from this ongoing conversation about racial reconciliation. Learn about yourself in the context of community as you explore these key ideas:

  • Exercise truth-telling: it's what is needed before any reconciliation can happen
  • Discover how race relations are not as simple as you think
  • Challenge your stereotypesUnderstand the meaning of current events like the Ferguson shooting in fresh ways
  • Revisit Christ's teachings with a careful eye toward discipleship and love of your neighbor

Each chapter concludes with discussion questions that can help you and others navigate this perplexing and difficult topic.

Longevity in Leadership: Essential Qualities of Longtime Leaders

John Harrison & Phil Lewis

Location: BSB 103

Time: Part one Monday, 10 a.m.; Part two Tuesday, 9:30 a.m.

Themes: Leadership, Church leadership, business

Everybody knows that leading is challenging. Leaders are out front, showing people and organizations new places where they can and should go. They have to inspire people to challenge themselves to do more things or to increase their abilities in order to achieve specific goals. Often this is not easy. Real success hardly ever is. The road is difficult and treacherous. Rebellion and failure are not uncommon. People can be resistant to demands and expectations placed upon them by those who are leading them. Leaders have to learn to be diplomatic yet decisive. They have to be encouraging while insisting on momentum. They have to be a reassuring voice while also requiring discipline. Longevity in Leadership was written for those who currently are leading or want to lead in business and in churches. Leading can often be discouraging work, so Longevity in Leadership encourages both leaders and potential leaders to stay the course and lead effectively and successfully for a long time.

Life-Giving Leadership: A Woman's Toolbox for Leading

Julia Mateer

Location: BSB 114

Time: Monday, 10 a.m.

Themes: Women, leadership

As women called to lead in the local church, we must first lead ourselves to wholeness and strength. Julia comes alongside you, giving you the tools to become emotionally and spiritually healthy so you can provide life-giving leadership to women in your communities, your ministries, and your world. A strange dichotomy is occurring in the American church. Never before have women been so key to helping churches grow and mature. At the same time, fifty thousand women per year are leaving the church. The purpose of this book is to provide women who are leading a team in ministry, church, or in a Christian non-profit the strategies necessary to develop life-giving atmospheres where women will be equipped to live out their God-given passions to affect change in their families, communities, and, ultimately, the world. This book will help redefine women's ministry and equip women who are actively involved in making a difference in the lives of others.

Winning Every Woman's War: Defeating Temptations

Cathy Messecar and Deanna Koehl

Location: BSB 114

Time: Monday, 9 a.m.

Themes: Temptations, women, leadership, prayer

The unique style of combat and camo introduces a fresh way to equip women warriors of grace to defeat temptations.
Evil has a coach. A victorious woman has a Savior. Winning Every Woman's War equips women with sightseeing tools to identify the temptations of fear, disrespect, manipulation, comparison, selfishness, judgment, ungodly words, materialism, and more. Coupled with God's help, the maneuvers help women succeed in identifying and overcoming subtle temptations.

Cathy Messecar and Deanna Koehl gear up and arm winning women with a battery of God's Word and examples to assist in personal battles common to women. This field guide of combat prayers and tactical training helps readers identify and defeat temptations, in addition to calling upon the Lord of Hosts to barricade the souls of their families and friends. Through Scripture, prayer, and Titus 2 mentoring, readers become tender warriors who light the world and defeat darkness.

Owning Faith: Reimagining the Role of Church and Family in the Faith Journey of Teenagers

Ron Bruner and Dudley Chancey

Location: 130

Time: Wednesday, 10 a.m.

Themes: Youth, teenagers, faith development, young people

More than ever, young disciples want relationships with their parents and other adults; Owning Faith helps older disciples understand how to honor and nurture relationships that last a lifetime. Today's adolescents face an uphill climb as they seek to own their faith. And while it's easy to think that what they really need is an expert, Owning Faith lets you in on God's big secret: what they need more than anything else is you. Owning Faith is an accessible guide into the adventure-filled spiritual journey of adolescents. If you would like to learn how to be a wise and compassionate companion that can make an eternal difference in the lives of youth, Owning Faith will show you how.

Significant Others: Understanding Our Non-Christian Neighbors

Monte Cox

Location: BSB 100 (Hart Auditorium)

Time: Monday, 9 a.m. (pt 1) and 10 a.m. (pt. 2)

Themes: Non-Christians, evangelism, World religions 

A generation ago, most Americans had little or no contact with Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, or any other adherents of non-Christian religions. Now our culture is much more pluralistic. In addition to these "others", many Westerners, disenchanted with Christianity, are more inclined than they were a generation ago to dabble in new spiritual alternatives that were not as readily available here before. Many Christians feel intimidated by these changes. Many Christians don't know how to engage their newest non-Christian neighbors in conversation, partly because they feel ignorant about the religions practiced by others. Significant Others seeks to fill this knowledge gap so readers will become more acquainted with the religious backgrounds of devout non-Christians they are meeting, as well as with the growing number of American people who claim no religious affiliation at all. Each chapter outlines the major world religions according to their significant founders or leading figures, significant beliefs and practices, significant sects and developments, and significant points of contact and points of contrast with Christian faith.

Re-entry: How Pain, Roots, and Rhythm Guide Us from Darkness to Light

Josh Ross 

Location: BSB 117

Time: Monday, 2:30 p.m.

Themes: re-entry, doubt, loss, depression, darkness, light

As vital as the message of entry is to the Christian faith, many Christians are also desperate for a message of re-entry after many seasons of doubt, confusion, bondage to the past, severed relationships, loss, depression, and stress. From places of darkness and shadows, God comes and reveals Himself as the one who enters into our pain both as a companion who walks with us through our trials and as the one who is eager to eventually lead us into a healthier place. In January of 2014, Josh Ross traveled to Barrow, Alaska, to interact with a community that experiences over sixty-five days of darkness every winter. His time there revealed how essential the principles of reentry, roots, and rhythm are to our survival and health far beyond the Arctic Circle.

Love First: Ending Hate Before It's Too Late

Don McLaughlin

Location: BSB 200 (Chapel on the Hill)

Time: Tuesday, 9:30 a.m.

Themes: love, hope, hate

This is not just a book to inspire more love; it’s a revolutionary call to love better.

“A terrible virus has spread across the planet and turned the human race into bloodthirsty monsters. Mankind’s only hope for survival is . . .” Originally part of the tagline for the sci-fi thriller, I Am Legend, these lines describe the undercurrent of unrest and turbulence in our world. The virus we face is hate—an epidemic infecting social media, politics, neighborhoods, and homes. Communities of believers, which should be clinics with the cure, are instead suspected of being primary carriers of the virus.

But there is hope. Hate, even in its most nefarious forms, is no match for the matchless love modeled by Jesus. Love is his cure for the sick and dying world. Historians, sociologists, and theologians agree that we are experiencing the most fundamental changes in global society in the last five hundred years. And while the church has a lofty vision and mighty power, we are disastrously unprepared. This book presents an understandable, practical, and doable approach to loving others with such clarity and conviction that the world will truly know the God who loves us first.