Marriage Wholeness in a Broken World


While larger society is downplaying and even rejecting the institution of marriage, there is a need for churches and Christian communities to use their collective voice to speak to the value of marriage and offer resources to strengthen marriage. These sessions will offer helpful marital resources and guide participants to consider how the sacredness of marriage can be revived.

Save Your Marriage Before and After it Starts

Dr. Les Parrot

As a New York Times best-selling co-author with his wife Leslie and renowned marital expert, Dr. Parrot unlocks the truth of how to help couples have a love that lasts a lifetime. Drawing from their SYMBIS assessment tool, Dr. Parrot explores important relational factors in marriage preparation and martial unions.

The Marriage-Friendly Church

Danny Camp

Is the Church intentionally teaching and promoting healthy and Godly marriage? Drawing from his years in ministry, counseling, and his book, The Marriage-Friendly Church, Danny Camp explores how the Church is a needed advocate in helping marital couples.

7 Things You Need to Know to have a Rewarding Marriage

Drs. Jason and Heidi Morris

So what does it take to have a healthy and vibrant marriage? Come and explore how 7 factors can help anyone have a fulfilling marriage that can last a lifetime.