Business Wholeness in a Broken World

Tuesday in BSB 100 (Hart)

Sometimes, the mission field looks like a foreign country. Other times, it looks like the world of business. Tuesday of Summit, Dodd Roberts will host an all-day track examining “Business and Mission,” a track that will hopefully provide inspiration for potential Christian business-owners and employees as well as encouragement for those already operating as Christians in the world of business.  

Mats Tunehag (8:30 a.m.)

“Why Business and Mission?”

Mats Tunehag is a long time thought leader in the Business as Mission arena. In this session, Mats will discuss how God views business in scripture, how God's mission and business are in harmony, and how God can redeem business for His glory. Mats will set the stage for the day as we discuss how to pursue our vocational calling as disciples in Christ with our interest in business. 

Don Simmons, Jason Fisher, Bill Job, Courtney Mills, and Matthew Rohrs (9:30 a.m.)

“Business and Mission Abroad Panel"

Don Simmons has helped numerous for-profit kingdom businesses succeed by providing investment capital to help them get started. Don will lead a panel discussion with three practitioners who are building God's kingdom through for-profit business in Kenya, Ethiopia, China and other countries. Bill Job has run a successful glass product manufacturing plant in China that has provided jobs to hundreds of people. Jason Fisher has founded many businesses inside and outside the U.S., with a missional purpose, including Highland Harvesters, the largest apple orchard in Ethiopia. Courtney Mills founded Sinapis, a business training and accelerator program in Nairobi, Kenya. Matthew Rohrs is on the Sinapis leadership team.   

Jan Martinez and Julie Sullivan (10:30 a.m.)

“From Non-Profit to For-Profit” 

Jan Martinez wanted to help women in inner city Spokane who were homeless, unemployed or underemployed. She did so by teaching job skills through a non-profit business called Christ Kitchen. As a result of her work and teaching, she inspired Julie Sullivan to serve the same population in Portland through her for-profit nut butter business, Ground Up PDX. Come hear Jan and Julie discuss how they are making a difference through business and mission.

Lauren McAfee (12:00 p.m.)

“Our Business, God’s Business”  

Lauren McAfee is the granddaughter of Hobby Lobby founder, David Green. A successful businessperson on her own merit, Lauren will discuss how Hobby Lobby continues to be one of the most successful companies in the U.S. while staying true to its foundation of faith in a tough business and social climate. Lauren will give her views on working for faith-based versus non faith-based businesses.   

Gary Ginter (12:50 p.m.)

“Downward Mobility–From the Simple Life to Warfare Life”

Gary Ginter helped build a leading commodity futures trading firm, Chicago Research and Trading, and was a senior leader in the launching of the premier electronic trading system for futures, Globex. His latest venture is VAST Power Systems, a firm working on pollution control and strategically simple living. Gary will discuss how a businessperson can live into deep success and peace while serving God's purposes rather than Mammon. 

Chi-Ming Chien (1:30 p.m.)

“Business and the Mission of God: Embodying Reconciliation."

Chi-Ming Chien has the chops to be a senior executive at Google or Apple, but he has chosen a different path. Chi-Ming leads Dayspring Technologies, which charges market rates but pays below market salaries, and uses the difference for God's mission in San Francisco. Come hear about how intentional Christian convictions have formed one business' 20-year long journey. From tech job opportunities for at-risk youth to lending as a practice of peace, how might a business embedded in a particular place express God's heart? 

Walter Cunningham (2:20 p.m.)

"Advancing the Kingdom of God in the Marketplace" 

For the past decade, Betenbough Homes has been recognized as one of the most successful home building companies in Texas and at the national level. The leadership team of Betenbough Homes and its parent company, Cornerstone Business Holdings, Inc., recognize that one of the biggest contributing factors to their success goes far beyond the sales and construction of homes. By intentionally and creatively implementing Kingdom principles in their daily work, the company has realized supernatural success marked by the presence/hand of God. Come hear senior executive Walter Cunningham share how God can use everyone to advance His Kingdom in the marketplace.  

Jarrod Brown (3:05 p.m.)

“The Story of Mission Lazarus”

In San Marcos, Honduras, everyone knows the godly work of Mission Lazarus. Near Cap Haitien, Haiti, they are learning about the same thing. Mission Lazarus is a prime example of faithfully serving God's mission through business pursuits and by developing people through vocational training. But how did it all start? Come hear "JB" tell his story and the story of how Mission Lazarus began.