Ministers Support Network


Components of the Ministers Support Network include:


  • To increase understanding about ourselves and our relationships by using simple stress burnout instruments to increase self-understanding.


  • To provide caring intervention from caring professionals through personal and group sharing with peers and team members.

Spiritual Direction

  • To offer wise guidance in connecting our souls with God through participation in worship, guided reflection on Scripture, and prayer.


  • To encourage the development of supportive relationships with other minister couples by facilitating personal sharing and trust building through formal and informal group activities.

Robert Oglesby is the Coordinator for the Ministers Support Network and he ministers with his wife, Jenny. They are joined by Rick and Jamie Atchley, Chris and Stacie Hatchett, and Tracy and Tina Fleet, whom serve and minister to retreat participants. 

Location: Summers Mill Retreat and Conference Center, Belton, TX.

Cost: Participants will pay no fee but will be responsible for their own travel expenses.

If you or someone else you know could benefit from the services of the Ministers Support Network, please contact us.

Ministers Support Network
ACU Box 29435
Abilene, TX 79699