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Abilene Christian University is a diverse, welcoming, academically rigorous community redefining what it means to be a Christian university in the 21st century. Our online degree programs were designed with busy working adults like you in mind — structured to let you focus on one-two classes at a time during seven-week terms. You might be somewhere else geographically, but as a student of ACU Online, you are part of a vibrant, virtual, Christ-centered community.

It is our goal to make the transfer process and identifying a new degree program, as smooth as possible. We will work hard to utilize your previous coursework and examinations in our academic evaluation so that you have the experience you want - the fastest, least expensive path to your educational goals.

Undergraduate Enrollment

Steps to enroll for all prospective students transferring into an online undergraduate program:

  • Complete an Application for Admission here.
  • Upload unofficial transcripts for an unofficial pre-evaluation and admission review
  • Request official transcripts be sent to: or mailed to the following address:
    Abilene Christian University ATTN: Records 16633 Dallas Parkway, Ste. 800 Addison, TX 75001

Steps to track your transfer progress - anytime, anywhere:

  • See how your credits transfer to your ACU degree.
  • Track your transfer steps, deadlines and progress.
  • Find resources to ease your transition to ACU.

Students who have completed more than 24 transferable hours will also submit the following items:

  • All official college transcripts.

Students who have completed fewer than 24 transferable hours will also submit the following items:

  • Official High school transcript or GED diploma to the Office of Admissions.  
  • All official college transcripts.

Before enrolling:

  • Connect with an admission advisor at 855-219-7300 to answer any questions you may have.

*Students must have all official transcripts on file by the end of their 2nd 7-week session. Courses will be applied to the degree program upon evaluation of the official transcript.

Course Transfer/Evaluation

Students can transfer in up to 96 credits towards the program and are required to complete 40 credit hours towards their degree at ACU. No more
than 66 semester hours of credit may be from a community, junior or other two-year college. Reduce time and cost in three ways: Credit Transfer, Course Exams, or Military Training

See how your credits will transfer:

We have an easy way for you to see your transfer equivalencies. Our transfer portal will allow you to find courses offered at other schools that are preapproved to transfer as ACU courses.

About course transfer:

  • Transfer courses with a grade of C or higher from regionally accredited institutions will be posted to the student's ACU records and may count toward graduation if the credits are appropriate.
  • Transfer courses will be posted at the same level they were taken at a previous institution. ACU accepts only work equivalent or comparable to work offered at ACU.
  • Grades for transfer courses are not included in the student's GPA at ACU.
  • ACU does not accept developmental or remedial courses, institution-specific courses, or courses in which the grade received was D or lower.
  • All official transcripts on file by the end of their 2nd 7-week session.
  • Courses will be applied to the degree program upon evaluation of the official transcript.
  • Only courses with a letter grade of A, B, or C, are accepted.

To view a list of classes that will transfer to ACU, the Texas Common Course Numbering System is a helpful tool. Click on the "Compare Institutions" option to evaluate the compatibility of your class with an ACU class.

About course examination:

ACU awards CLEP credit for a variety of subjects as well as will evaluate previous CLEP examinations. You can earn up to 30 hours of credit toward your college degree by taking certain examinations.

Course Exemptions:

Students who transfer to ACU with 24 or more transferred hours do not have to take certain ACU-specific courses.

0-23 Transferred Hours – Students will complete 15 credit hours of BIBL.

24-59 Transferred Hours – Students will complete 12 credit hours of BIBL.

60 or More Transferred Hours – Students will complete 9 credit hours of BIBL.

About Military Transcripts/Training:

As a member of the Service Members Opportunity College Organization, students can request to have their military training evaluated. The suggestions offered by the American Council on Education are followed as they apply to ACU's degrees and ACU transfer policy.

Contact your advisor for an unofficial evaluation today 855-219-7300