ACU's School of Nursing has been approved by the Texas Department of Disability and Aging Services to offer a Certified Nurse's Aide (CNA) program.

The six-week course will be offered several times throughout the year, preparing students to take the state certification exam. Tuition is $800, and cost to take the exam is approximately $100.


Must have Hepatitis B vaccination series up to date by the time the course begins.

Must be employable in a DADS-regulated facility or agency, determined by the Department of Disability and Aging's Employability Status Check. This search will return consolidated results from DADS' Nurse Aide Registry, Medication Aide Registry and Employee Misconduct Registry. Results will include subject's status on the individual registeries and determination if this status makes the subject unemployable in a regulated facility or agency.

A person is unemployable in a DADS-regulated facility if he or she:

  • is listed on the Employee Misconduct Registry
  • is revoked on the Nurse Aide Registry
  • has a criminal conviction that is listed as an automatic bar to employment in Health and Safety Code Chapter 250

Supplies needed for class

  • Scrubs--white tops/black bottoms (no slit up the sides allowed and cannot drag the ground)
  • Black leather shoes
  • Stethescope
  • Blood pressure cuff
  • Pen light with batteries
  • Workbook--Hartmann's Nursing Assistant Care (textbook will be provided for your use; you will only need to purchase the workbook)

See class dates and register here.