Jack Pope Fellows Program. Awarded on the basis of merit to ACU students who will be college juniors in the following academic year. Students selected as Fellows must exhibit outstanding potential for leadership in government and related public service.

Pre-Law Scholarships. Available to pre-law seniors who are planning to attend law school the following fall semester. Separate scholarships are awarded for Baylor and Pepperdine Law Schools.

Maxine Durrett Earl Scholarship. Awarded to a deserving Political Science double major who is a sophmore or higher, and is from one of the counties designated in the establishment of the scholarship.

Trent and Nell Meaders Scholarship. Awarded to a deserving Political Science major.

Judge Ted Poe Scholarship. Since 2006, a scholarship in the name of alumni Ted Poe has been given to an outstanding junior or senior.

B.F. Sisk Scholarship. Awarded to deserving ACU students majoring in Political Science and who desire to be leaders in a public service career (participate in government and related public service). This scholarship is limited to juniors who have a GPA of at least 3.25.

Pat and Joann Sublett Scholarship. Awarded to deserving students of ACU majoring in Political Science and desiring to be leaders in government, specifically for students from middle-income families, who are not generally eligible for other scholarships.

Gary and Nancy Thompson Scholarship. Named for a retired department chair of Political Science, this scholarship is designated for Political Science majors who are also Jack Pope Fellows.

Jeffrey L. Wendling Scholarship. Awarded to Criminal Justice students with good character, a minimum GPA of 3.0, financial need, and academic ability.