Application and Course Requirements


To apply for the Jack Pope Fellows Program, a student must receive an invitation during the spring semester of their sophomore year. The completed application packet must include application form, applicant essay, financial disclosure form and evaluations from three references. Application packets are due to the faculty advisor at the specified time during the spring semester.

Who is Eligible?
To be selected for the Jack Pope Fellows Program, a student must:

  1. Be a student at Abilene Christian University at the time of selection to the program.
  2. Be a sophomore pursuing a bachelor’s degree when applying or have two more years of study after applying.
  3. Currently have (and subsequently maintain) a grade point average of at least 3.25
  4. Submit an application portfolio demonstrating a genuine commitment toward pursuing a public service career. 
  5. Interview with the Jack Pope Fellows Steering Committee. 

Course Requirements
The Jack Pope Fellows Program involves a 24-hour minor. Minor requirements (.pdf)