Why History Teaching?

The vocation of social studies or history teaching is a noble calling indeed, for the secondary school teacher helps young people learn to interpret their social world and prepares them for active citizenship.

The Department of History & Global Studies offers two teaching degrees, preparing students to teach grades 7-12 in Texas public or private schools.

Social Studies Teaching (HSST)

The Social Studies for Teachers prepares students to teach world history, U.S. history, Texas history, government, geography, economics, sociology, and psychology.

One-Field History Teaching (HSTT)

One-Field History prepares students to teach world, U. S. history and Texas history.

Teaching Certification & Preparation

The State Board for Education Certification (SBEC) under the Texas Education Agency (TEA) grants the official state certification to teach high school history or social studies from grades 7 – 12 in public schools in Texas.  Both certifications may be obtained by completing the Bachelor of Science degree in either One-Field History Teaching or Social Studies Teaching AND passing the Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (TExES).  A person choosing either of these degrees will be a major in the Department of History & Global Studies.  Through advising relationships and classroom instruction, we prepare students for the History and/or Social Studies content portions of the TExES.

Partnership with the Teacher Education Department

While the Department of History & Global Studies prepares a pre-service teacher for the content field, the Teacher Education Department will focus on the professional knowledge and skills needed to pass the pedagogy portion of the TExES and successfully teach in high school. The Teacher Education program is accredited by SBEC and is nationally accredited through the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC).

While most of our HSST and HSTT graduates go on to teach in public or private high schools, some pursue further degrees in higher education.