Department of Language and Literature

ACU's mission is to educate students for Christian service and leadership throughout the world. The Department of Language and Literature empowers students to fulfill the "throughout the world" element of this mission, preparing them to connect with the languages, cultures and peoples of other nations.

The department serves the university by providing students with core curriculum courses in composition, literature, professional writing, French, German and Spanish.

ACU's faculty of Christian scholars and professionals are the foundation for student success. Each faculty member is an expert in their field, and at building supportive relationships with ACU students.

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Undergraduate Programs

The goal of the Department of Language and Literature is to provide students with the study of languages, literature, rhetoric, and poetry that is the key to becoming a citizen of the world. Students develop a deep satisfaction when they can communicate with people outside their own country and linguistic background.

Graduate Programs

The Department of Language and Literature offers a Master of Arts degree in English. Our  general English program provides a wide range of academic and professional opportunities, including, but not limited to, steps towards an MFA or PhD program.