Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry

Whether you choose a Bachelor of Arts Biochemistry degree or a Bachelor of Science Biochemistry degree, your experience as a biochemistry major at ACU will lay the foundation for a challenging and exciting career.

Biochemistry--where biology and chemistry intersect--is the study of living things at the molecular level. This interdisciplinary field of science is exciting and versatile, with topics ranging from disease and DNA to forensic science and agriculture.

A bachelor’s in biochemistry can lead to a career as a biochemist or serve as a foundation for medical school.

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Microscopic studies. Big Discoveries.

ACU offers two distinct bachelor of biochemistry degrees to help you reach your specific career goals: 

  • The Bachelor of Arts prepares you for entry into professional schools of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy or optometry or into careers in biotechnology or pharmaceuticals.
  • The Bachelor of Science prepares you for professional schools, graduate studies in biochemistry, or to pursue careers as professional biochemists. This degree includes a choice between four tracks:
    • Standard - includes studies in calculus, analytical chemistry and general physics.
    • American Chemical Society (ACS) - includes additional advanced studies in calculus, analytical chemistry and engineering physics.
    • Biomedical Sciences - designed for those preparing to enter professional schools of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy or optometry, or who wish to enter the biotechnology or pharmaceutical industries.
    • Pre-Vet track - prepares students who plan to enter professional veterinary schools.
    • In addition, the health professions fast-track cooperative degree offers students the chance to enter professional school after only three years at ACU.
Dr. Cliff Pruitt participated in two medical mission trips to Haiti while a student

Pruett found what he had been looking for on two medical mission trips to Haiti.

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After Graduation?

  • Forensic Scientist
  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Laboratory Technician
  • Toxicologist
  • Analytical Chemist
  • Biomedical Chemist
  • Pharmaceutical Consultant
  • Biochemist

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Chemistry and biochemistry students have extensive opportunities to participate in research, internships and student activities, including:

  • Research - on campus or off
  • Summer internships
  • ACU Chemistry Club
  • Field trips to labs, power plants and conferences
Dr. Leslie Hutchins preparing for surgery

Degree Details

Biochemistry (BA/BS)


Standard Track, BS (BCH-BCHE)

Biochemistry, BA (BCHA)


Biomedical Science, BS (BCH-BCBS)

Pre-Vet, BS (BCH-BCHV)

Required Hours

University Requirements: 56 credit hours + Major Requirements: 29-33 credit hours (Choice of 4 tracks) + Electives: 6-10 credit hours = Total Required: 128 credit hours*

*Based on track selection

Example Coursework

Organic Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry

Cell Biology

Molecular Genetics

Minor Available:



Chemistry and Biochemistry

Application Deadlines

Early Action: November 1st

Regular: February 1st

National Candidates: May 1st

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