Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and Advertising

Find your (visual) identity.

A degree in graphic design/advertising (B.A.) brings multiple exciting disciplines together. Where will a graphic design degree take you?

Art and technology combine as ideas are turned into designs for print or the web. Visuals are a large component of effective communication; text and graphics work together in branding or messaging. The bachelor of graphic design and bachelor of advertising degrees focus on this blending of art and technology and the possibilities this innovative combination creates.

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Why a degree in Graphic Design and Advertising from ACU?

Housed in the Art and Design Department, and in collaboration with Journalism and Mass Communication, the Bachelor of Arts in graphic design and the Bachelor of Arts in advertising blend art and design training with preparation in advertising and mass communication principles. A B.A. in graphic design and advertising from ACU will make you a marketable candidate for positions such as creative director, animator, production designer and much more.

After earning a B.A. graphic design or B.A. advertising, you will leave ACU armed with knowledge, skills and a professional portfolio that will help you find a career as a designer in a variety of industries, including advertising, publishing, media and eCommerce. The bachelor’s degree in graphic design and the bachelor’s degree in advertising will open doors to an exciting, creative career.

Designer and alumnus Darbie Angell shows off her latest floral design on a plate.

Darbie Angell (’04) creates designs for global audiences.

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What can you do after graduation?

  • Production Designer
  • Animator
  • Advertising Art Director
  • Multimedia Artist
  • Industrial Designer
  • Creative Director
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Printmaker
  • Illustrator

Clubs and Activities

Much of what art and design students do in the classroom is hands-on. Other real-world opportunities are found in student organizations and co-curriculars including:

  • Morris + Mitchell (student-run ad agency)
  • 99 West (student-run design agency)
  • American Institute of Graphic Arts
  • Study abroad
Professor instructing her students as they sit around a table.

Degree Details

Graphic Design/Advertising, BS (ARTC)

Required Hours

*Based on track selection

University Requirements: 56 credit hours + Major Requirements: 72 credit hours + Electives: 0 credit hours = Total Required: 128 credit hours*

Example Coursework

Basic Drawing

Identity & Brand Design

Interactive Design

Advertising Creativity and Copywriting


Art and Design

Application Deadlines

Regular: February 1st

National Candidates: May 1st

Early Action: November 1st

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