About ACU's Accelerated Professional Psychology Degree Plan (APPDP)


Students who are committed to pursuing graduate training as a professional counselor or to pursuing doctoral study in psychology may participate in the Accelerated Professional Psychology Degree Plan (APPDP). Students who meet the admission requirements for the APPDP may take up to 24 hours of graduate course work in their senior year. The graduate course work will count toward both the undergraduate degree and toward an ACU masters degree in psychology.

Interested students may seek pre-admission to the APPDP after they have completed 30 semester hours. Students must apply for full admission to the ACU Psychology graduate program in the Fall semester after they have completed 60 hours and have a GPA of 3.50.

When accepted into the APPDP and after they have completed 90 semester hours, students may take six hours of graduate course work in the Summer and six graduate course hours in each of the Fall and Spring semesters. No more than 12 hours per semester – 6 undergraduate and 6 graduate hours – is recommended. Graduate courses will count as general electives or electives in the psychology major and may not be substituted for required courses in the psychology major. Individual students’ academic programs must be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies of the department each semester a student participates in the APPDP.