Liz Savoy ('13) and Christin King ('13)

Social Work, ACU at CitySquare

Graduate students Liz Savoy ('13) and Christin King ('13) are ACU's first two students to complete their Master of Science in Social Work degrees onsite at CitySquare, a nonprofit organization that aims to fight the causes of poverty in Dallas by offering food, medicine, housing and counseling to those in need.

ACU's partnership with CitySquare allows students to work directly with Dallas residents learning skills valuable to their degrees.

"I got involved with CitySquare my first year of graduate school at ACU," Savoy said. "We had a yearlong project to research a non-profit organization assigned to us, and I was fortunate enough to research CitySquare."

King grew up in the Dallas area and had heard of CitySquare before coming to ACU. Once she found out about the opportunity to do research with the group, she leaped at the chance.

"I knew that I ultimately wanted to live and work in the Metroplex," King said. "So, of course, when I heard that we could do our internship in Dallas, I was thrilled, even more so when I learned which non- profit I would be interning for."

Living out their faith

The experience of being able to live out their faith has helped Savoy and King realize how much they enjoy social work and helping others.

"This whole experience has been great," King said. "I've had the opportunity to get quality, hands-on experience as a social worker in training. I was blessed to have wonderful supervisors at the Resource Center who helped shape, guide and support me from the very beginning. The knowledge I've obtained and the skills I've learned go beyond a classroom. I now feel more prepared for the professional world of social work than I ever did before."

Savoy and King met on their first day of orientation at ACU and have become best friends since. They moved to Dallas last summer to fully commit to CitySquare and completed their second-year practica on March 7.

"We got to know each other really well through our first year of school and worked closely together through our project with CitySquare," Savoy said. "We decided we both wanted to move to Dallas and continue our journey with CitySquare. We also knew we wanted to live together, so we found an apartment and have been living in downtown Dallas since."

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