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About Body & Soul at ACU

Each year, many ACU students are accepted into allied-health professional schools. This success is attributed to the personal academic commitment of ACU students, as well as excellent support from dedicated professionals who encourage students to pursue ministry through the practice of medicine, dentistry and other health professions.

Class sizes are small at ACU. Science classes generally have enrollments of 40 or fewer. This provides students the opportunity to get to know the professor personally. In addition, the professor becomes better acquainted with the students, an important factor when the time comes for letters of evaluation and recommendation to be sent to professional health schools.

If you are looking for excellent pre-health preparation in a Christian environment, ACU is the place for you! The Body & Soul program presents students with additional opportunities to prepare their minds and hearts as well as their vitae.

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Clinical mission trip in south america.

Signature Opportunities

  • Deans from medical and dental schools visit ACU annually to give valuable information to students preparing to apply to these schools.
  • Mock interviews help students to practice for interviews at the various professional schools.
  • Shadowing allows students to make sure this is the field they are meant to pursue. Students observe physicians during surgery and during their daily routine.
  • Classes for MCAT review are conducted on the ACU campus.
  • Body & Soul events allow our students to mentor each other, form study groups and fellowship together.
  • Class size will vary from 20 to 30 students on average, while at most state schools this number could be anywhere from 150 to 300 students.
  • Medical mission opportunities enable students to experience a global view of ministry, medicine and mission.

Acceptance Rates

Body & Soul faculty understand that ACU is a stepping stone to your future and equip you with the knowledge and skills required for medical and dental school success.

Over the last ten years, our students' acceptance rate into medical school has been greater than 85%. Likewise, over the last ten years, our students' acceptance rate into dental school has been greater than 85%.

Take a look at our recent graduates and where they headed after graduation by reviewing our acceptance rates.

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Stdeunts pose by clinic sign in south america while on medical mission trip.

Portrait of Success

At about the time you’re picking out a breakfast cereal, ACU grad Leslie (Pickett ’04) Hutchins, M.D., is choosing her neurosurgeries for the day – spine operations, tumor resections, aneurysm clippings or deep brain stimulation, to name a few.

As chief resident of neurosurgery at Virginia Commonwealth University, by 7:30 a.m. Hutchins has already completed her rounds of checking in with the neurosurgery patients at the hospital, and now has the choice of which surgeries she will work for the day. Of course, that’s after rising at 4:30 a.m. to feed her young daughter and get ready for work.

"Neurosurgery can be emotionally, physically and mentally exhausting, Hutchins said. It seems glamorous, but when you sacrifice everything, spending 14- to 16-hour days during residency, it’s not so glamorous. But when you can perform an intervention that can change an outcome for an individual or a family, that is what I love the most about my job."

A Quick Look


91 percent of 2015 May graduates were employed or enrolled in graduate or professional school within six months of graduation.

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Pre-health education includes medical, dental, pharmacy, physician assistant, optometry, physical therapy and occupational therapy.

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Over the past five years, ACU students have been accepted into medical and dental schools at a rate twice the national average.