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Master of Marriage and Family Therapy FAQs

*This FAQ pertains to the on-campus ACU MMFT program in Abilene, TX.


When is the on-campus Master of Marriage and Family Therapy (MMFT) application deadline?

The priority review deadline is February 1st and the standard review deadline is May 1st (the standard deadline may be extended if space is available).

Is the on-campus MMFT application and online MMFT application the same?

No, students who are interested in applying for the online MMFT program can  click here to begin the application process.

Do you have to have an undergraduate degree in a related field in order to apply? 

No, students with any undergraduate major can apply. 

Are specific prerequisites required?

No prerequisites are required for the MMFT program.

Is there an application fee? 

Yes, the $65 application fee can be paid within your application portal.

How many students are accepted each year? 

Approximately 15 - 20 students are accepted each year.

What is the minimum GPA and GRE score required to apply? 

Students must have a 3.0 cumulative undergraduate GPA. However, our GRE test score requirement is currently waived.

Is an on-campus interview required? Are virtual interviews offered for out-of-state students? 

Yes, an interview is required for admission consideration. On-campus interviews are preferred, however, a virtual interview can be arranged for out-of-state students.

When will I be notified of my admission decision?

Applicants who participate in an interview will receive an admissions notification soon after their interview takes place.


Is the program accredited?

Yes, the on-campus MMFT program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE).

What is the value of COAMFTE accreditation? 

Please  click here to learn more about the benefits of COAMFTE accreditation.

Does ACU offer the dual LMFT and LPC licensure option? What is required? 

Yes, students can use their 6 “elective” credit hours to take courses in the Department of Psychology. This allows them to sit for both the LPC and LMFT exams. 

Are there any dual/joint degree opportunities with other graduate programs? 

Yes, in cooperation with the Graduate School of Theology, the MMFT has developed a path whereby the MMFT students can pursue the  Master of Arts in Christian Ministry or the  Master of Divinity concurrently.

What is the length of the program? 

Students complete the MMFT in 2 years. The program is 60 credit hours for non-thesis students and 66 credit hours for students enrolled in the thesis track.

Can students enroll part-time? 

Although most students enroll full time, students have enrolled part time and completed the program in 3 years. Please email Dr. Lisa Merchant at for more information about enrolling part-time.

Can I begin the ACU online MMFT and then transfer to the on-campus version? Or vice versa?

Students can transfer in 12 hours from another graduate program, including ACU online.

Does this program prepare students who are also interested in doctoral work? 

Yes. ACU MMFT graduates have a high doctoral program acceptance rate. Many of our MMFT students begin doctoral programs immediately after graduating and are very successful.

What types of clinical experiences are offered? 

The program combines theory and clinical training, including a 500-hour internship, typically at ACU’s on-campus Marriage and Family Institute.  Click here to learn about other internship opportunities in Abilene.

How many entry terms are offered per year?

Cohorts start each Fall. In rare circumstances, students may start in the Spring with Program Director approval. To discuss a Spring start, email Dr. Lisa Merchant at

What is the cost of the program?

For cost information, please visit the  Master of Marriage and Family Therapy website and review the “Degree Details” section.

Is it possible to work while enrolled in the program? 

Yes. Courses and clinical opportunities are offered at different times each semester, so students should seek employment that provides flexibility.

I am deciding between several degree options and disciplines. Can I meet with someone to discuss these career paths and/or attend an open house? 

Absolutely! Please click here to learn more about upcoming Open Houses or to schedule a campus visit.

What is Abilene like? 

Please click here to learn more about Abilene, TX!