1GEN Peer Leader Program

Peer leaders will have the opportunity to gain hands on experience serving in the 1GEN program. Leaders begin work in the summer of each year and remain involved throughout the school year coordinating workshops and activities for 1GEN students. 1GEN leaders have the unique opportunity to gain leadership experience positively impacting a first generation student’s college experience.    

  • Gain valuable leadership and organizational skills
  • Build relationships with faculty, staff, and community members
  • Build relationships with incoming students
  • Active involvement of programming and initiatives
  • Preference given to first generation students actively involved in ACU's 1GEN Student Success Program
  • Facilitate small group interactions and social activities
  • Attend regularly scheduled events
  • Serve as student liason to 1GEN faculty and staff advisory board
  • Remain in good academic standing with ACU
Interested in becoming a peer leader?

Applications are being accepted now for students with an interest in becoming a peer leader. Students interested in becoming a Peer Leader should contact Jordan Jones at 1gen@acu.edu.

All applications must include: