Library Spotlight

Cooper Spruill


1) What is your classification? What is your major? What are your plans after graduation?

I am a senior, history major from Rhome, Texas and after graduation I plan to attend a graduate program in pursuit of a Masters degree in United States history.

2) What research are you working on right now?

Currently, I am polishing my presentation over my previous research regarding railroads and how they were utilized in the Civil War for an upcoming conference.

3) What interests you the most about what you are researching?

I have always had a passion for railroads and railroad history, but I am most interested in the impact railroads have made in our nation’s history.

4) What do you like about the ACU library?

Since I first stepped foot on campus back in fall of 2012 I have loved ACU’s campus for the people that call it home. The library is no different. When I walk into the library I am normally greeted by a variety of friendly people who genuinely care about the student’s education and well being.

5) What one thing have you learned about the library that you didn't know before you came to ACU?

Before I came to ACU my experiences with libraries generally led me to believe that the library space was a home for books, but after my four years at ACU I’ve grown to look at libraries as not just homes for books, but centers for self-learning and academic exploration.