Library Space Reservation

Prior to reserving any library space please review the space reservation policies. 

Schedulable Room and Space List

Ground Floor

Atrium Space

The Atrium is a hospitable space that invites collaboration and creativity among students and faculty.  It can also be used for group parties like baby showers and department gatherings. The Atrium is furnished with 4’ x 4’ custom tables (complete with electrical installation), 62 chairs, and two lounge areas.  There is no audio / video capabilities in this space. This space is available during normal library hours and may be reserved here for groups internal and external to ACU.

Mabee Auditorium Classroom (Core Classroom) Room 272

This room accommodates 66 people and includes an Apple Mac computer, projector screens, mounted projectors, TV screens, sound speakers, rolling whiteboards and a wall-mounted whiteboard.  Other than regularly scheduled classes, which is through the ACU Registrar, this room is schedulable in advance at by ACU faculty, faculty advisors, and staff.

Maker Lab Classroom

The newly expanded Maker Lab classroom will accommodate 30 - 50  people and includes HD projectors with HDMI input, mounted whiteboards and rolling whiteboards. ACU faculty, staff, and students may reserve this room by completing this form here.

Reading Commons

Located at the east side of the Learning Commons, this newly renovated space includes good lighting,  audio / video capabilities, a projector with HDMI input, comfortable seating, and tables. This space is available to internal groups for academic literary events only (special exceptions require approval of the Library Dean) by reservation here.


Top Floor

Computer Lab, Room 301    

Complete with seating for 25, 5 TV screens, 26 Apple Mac computers, 2 whiteboards and a printer, this third floor room is available to ACU faculty, staff, and students during normal library hours by advanced reservation here. Semester-long courses may not be scheduled in Library 301, and multi-week reservations during daytime (8:00am-5:00pm) are limited to three weeks.

Forum Space

Located on the east side of the library top floor, the Forum space offers natural lighting and beautiful ACU views from its bay windows, as well as potential to host departmental gatherings, meetings and conferences.  This space is not available until the fall of 2019.

Innovation Foundry Space

This space is located on the library top floor, next to the Forum, and offers 4 tables with 16 chairs and includes a TV screen, retractable extension cords, and whiteboards.  ACU faculty and staff may reserve this space by contacting the Innovation Foundry at Students have access to the Innovation Foundry when it is available.

Learning Studio Rooms

The Learning Studio provides media communications for teaching and learning and offers group rooms and studios to ACU faculty, staff, and students by advanced reservation through the Learning Studio here.

Scholars Lab

This room is located at the north side of the top floor and offers access to specialized software.  A center room table with 6 chairs, TV screen, white board, and a connecting room with more tables and chairs is available to ACU faculty, students and staff by reservation through the Scholars Lab at


Bottom Floor

Nursing Mothers Room    

The Nursing Mothers Room in Brown Library 156 is a dedicated space for women to use during their time on campus. The room has two seating areas and is equipped with outlets, chairs, and a refrigerator. The room may be reserved using this Google calendar and the key may be checked out at the Brown Library Circulation desk.

For additional information contact

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