MBA Programs

Our Master of Business Administration (MBA) program can help you achieve your career goals. As you enhance your leadership skills, you’ll learn advanced strategies that will prepare you to make a real difference in your community and beyond. Plus, taking the GMAT isn’t required for admission, though applicants should have a minimum 3.0 GPA. 

  • Take three specialized courses to sharpen your understanding of data analysis: Data Mining, Data Management, and Data Visualization and Reporting.       
  • In just 24 months, this 100% online MBA program will equip you for leadership in a variety of professional settings including corporate, nonprofit, and community organizations.      
  • Make ethical decisions informed by values that are consistent with Christian principles.


The Analytics MBA specialization emphasizes data’s impact on corporate decision-making and innovation while also considering the role of faith and ethics in every stage of the process.

Healthcare Administration

The Healthcare Administration MBA specialization prepares you to proactively manage the costs, relationships, technologies, and ethics necessary to provide quality care.

Information Technology Leadership

The Information Technology Leadership MBA specialization empowers you to make strategic technology leadership choices that increase total customer utility while reducing total costs.


The Marketing MBA specialization helps you acquire the skills necessary to make connections with both customers and clients that help grow loyalty—and profits.

Nonprofit Leadership

The Nonprofit Leadership MBA Specialization can increase your capacity to address social issues and effect positive change at a local, national, or global level.

Operations and Supply Management

The Operations and Supply Chain Management MBA specialization enables you to motivate teams to develop and implement operational plans and strategies that meet the market’s needs.