Master of Arts in Christian Ministry Programs

Our Master of Arts in Christian Ministry program is designed for students who want to pursue specialized ministries. ACU’s MACM curriculum includes tools for biblical study; an introduction to Christian scripture, history, and theology; and classes in ministry-related skills.

  • Complete your MA program in as little as 24 months—including a 12-hour residency.
  • Advance your knowledge about scripture, history, theology, ministerial practices, and more.
  • Explore your faith in an online learning community with professors and classmates.

Ministerial Leadership

  • Four specialized courses: Church Leadership, Managing Conflict in Churches, Leadership in Intercultural Contexts, and The Practice of Ministerial Leadership.

Choosing ACU’s Ministerial Leadership MACM specialization can further enhance your ability to lead those under your stewardship as a church planter, minister in an established church, teacher, or campus minister—or other ministry roles.

Ministry and Bible

  • Four specialized courses: Two courses in Greek and/or Hebrew, Homiletics (the art of sermons), and Preaching Pauline Literature.

Choosing ACU’s Ministry and Bible MACM specialization can strengthen your love for and understanding of the scriptures as you become more capable of interpreting and sharing God’s word with those to whom you minister.

Spiritual Formation

  • Four specialized courses: Spirituality, Engaging Adolescents in Christian Formation, and a course in Christian History.

Choosing ACU’s Spiritual Formation MACM specialization can bolster your understanding of both theology and history so you can better comprehend the foundational principles and transformative practices of Christ’s church.

Student and Family Ministry

  • Four specialized courses: Youth and Family Ministry, Ministry with Children/Family, Engaging Adolescents in Christian Formation, and Church and Family Ministry.

Choosing ACU’s Student and Family Ministry MACM specialization can provide more expansive and holistic ministerial approaches that you can use to inspire the rising generation.