Email Signature Builder

It is important that all electronic communications from Abilene Christian University properly reflect ACU’s visual brand. For that reason, we are providing this email signature generator for all faculty and staff to use. All email signatures in ACU correspondence should comply with the university’s visual identity guidelines. 

Email signatures may only include information contained in the fields of the email generator, and any confidentiality notice as needed. Additional phrases or information may be used only if it is relevant to the university's mission, and consistent with the employee’s role. [Examples are - Go Wildcats! XXX] Signature options can be found below. Social media icons should always link to ACU’s main social channels.

Thank you for helping us promote - and protect - the ACU brand!


  1. Fill in the form fields that you’d like to include in your signature. A preview of your signature will be built as you type.
  2. Highlight the signature of your choice.
  3. Copy the signature that was just highlighted:
        Windows: Press Ctrl+C
        Mac: Press ⌘+C
        Or in your browser: Click Edit in the toolbar, then Copy
  4. In Gmail:
        Click on the Gear icon in the top right.
        Choose Settings for the list
        On the General Tab, scroll down to Signature section
        Select +Create New and give your signature a name.
        In the text area, paste your signature:
                Windows: Press Ctrl+V
                Mac: Press ⌘+V
                Or in your browser: Click Edit in the toolbar, then Paste
        Scroll to the bottom and Save Changes

If you use Mac Mail, Microsoft Outlook, or another email application, you may receive inconsistent results, instead use this template.

Signature 1

Signature 2

Signature 3

Signature 1 with Optional Button

Signature 2 with Optional Button

Signature 3 with Optional Button