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COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ

Multiple COVID-19 vaccines are being developed, manufactured and approved in the United States. The university has received a limited supply of vaccines and continues to actively pursue a weekly allocation. The ACU Medical Clinic will administer the vaccines in accordance with federal and state guidance as part of our plan to keep our students, faculty and staff safe from COVID-19.

The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) – which oversees vaccine distribution for the state after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) determines how many doses a state receives (based on population) – continues to receive a limited supply of the COVID-19 vaccine.

When can I get vaccinated? 

All current students, faculty and staff should eventually be able to get the vaccine. As more vaccine doses become available at the ACU Medical Clinic, and the state identifies the next group of eligible people, the university will share this information. We are actively pursuing additional allocations of the vaccine for our campus community. We are working to ensure we request enough vaccines from the state, and then quickly and efficiently give them to eligible individuals who want them. 

The Abilene Taylor County Public Health District scheduling form is open for anyone who meets the current state-defined phase criteria and who wants to receive the vaccine. Talk to your healthcare provider if you have questions about your eligibility for the state-defined Phase 1B category. If you were already signed up for the district’s previous waitlist, you are encouraged to use this self-scheduling feature to avoid having to wait on a call. Scheduling your own appointment will result in a better user experience than waiting for the district to call you. However, they will continue to call people from the waiting list.

Does the ACU Medical Clinic have the COVID-19 vaccine? 

The ACU Medical Clinic has received a limited supply of the vaccines. ACU faculty, staff and students may submit this form to be placed on the vaccine waitlist. Appointments will be made based on the number of vaccine doses available and the current criteria set by the State of Texas. You will be notified when an appointment is available. ACU continues to place our order for vaccines weekly. Faculty and staff may add their dependents to the waitlist however priority will be given to current faculty, staff and students. 

We will continue to work with DSHS to expedite shipments, and we will do everything we can to make vaccines available as quickly as possible. If you have questions, email the ACU Medical Clinic at

Why should I get vaccinated?

Vaccination can protect you from getting ill, and also spare your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers from the dangers of this disease. It will take all of us to stop the spread of COVID-19 in our community. When enough people are vaccinated, the spread from person-to-person becomes less frequent and increases the protection of the whole community. We need as many people as possible to be vaccinated to achieve this “community immunity.” Please see this guidance from the CDC on possible side effects after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. 

How can I stay healthy while I wait for the vaccine?

Everyone, regardless of vaccination status, should continue following all masking, social distancing and hand washing precautions. The vaccine will protect against, but not completely prevent, COVID-19. The vaccine is one more tool in our fight against the virus.

Do I still need to practice virus prevention measures after receiving my COVID-19 vaccine?

It could take approximately two weeks after your second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or your single (only) dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for it to have its full impact on your body. Currently, it is not known if you can continue to spread the virus after a successful vaccination. As such, you should not change your COVID-19-related safety behaviors after vaccination: social distancing, wearing a mask and hand washing must be continued. The CDC has this guidance on how to protect yourself and others for those who have been fully vaccinated.

Is the vaccine required?

No. Vaccination is voluntary, but strongly encouraged.

What does it cost to get the vaccine?

The vaccine is free. If you have health insurance, the vaccine provider may bill the insurance carrier an administrative fee. If you do not have insurance, the vaccine provider may seek administrative reimbursement through funding made available via the federal CARES Act program. The ACU Medical Clinic will not charge an administrative fee.

Where can I find out more information? 

Visit, Texas Dept. of State Health Services, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for more information and ongoing updates about COVID-19 and the vaccine.