April 24, 2020 – Message to faculty/staff about volunteering in Abilene

Dear Abilene campus faculty and staff, 

ACU is pleased to be part of a community-wide program that is providing volunteers for critical initiatives in this COVID-19 environment.

If you are willing and able to do so, we ask that you consider participating in the Stay Home and Stay Safe Program. The Stay Home and Safe Program is a tangible way that each of us can make a real difference in keeping our most vulnerable neighbors at home and safe. The program will begin with an organizational structure of volunteers to cover assigned areas of the City of Abilene and its 60,000 households. Currently, they plan to identify, train, and equip over 500 volunteers from many organizations, businesses and faith-based entities to accomplish the mission of “Stay Home and Stay Safe.” Immediate needs are for volunteers to deliver meals, donate blood and sew masks.

Anyone with medical training is asked to register to provide support for medical services and public health. When completing this registry, be sure to choose “The Greater Abilene Medical Reserve Corp” to be assigned locally.

This is just one of the many ways we can help our community during this challenging time. Thank you for considering this opportunity.

In Him,