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Tenure and Promotion

We were encouraged to see the guidance from AAUP (American Association of University Professors) for responding to COVID-19 aligns with ACU’s decision to offer tenure-track faculty members the option to stop their tenure clock. Although ACU is not subject to its guidance, AAUP is a respected source for thoughts on faculty governance issues. We agree that the decision to request to stop the tenure clock should be the decision of the faculty member, not a status imposed by the university.

As previously mentioned in the Provost’s Update: For tenure-track faculty concerned that your work toward tenure has been slowed as a result of COVID-19, please refer to the Faculty Handbook for information about stopping the tenure clock. Stopping the clock is designed to extend the final date by which a tenure-track faculty member must apply for tenure. Requesting to stop the tenure clock is a valid and common practice in situations that meet the criteria. The COVID-19 situation meets the criterion “extraordinary events beyond the faculty member’s control.” You may choose to submit a written request to your chair and dean to begin the process of stopping your clock. An approved request will stop the clock for 12 months. If you choose not to submit a request to stop the clock, no change will be made to your timeline.

A tenure-track faculty member who requests and is granted the opportunity to stop their tenure clock because of the pandemic will still have access to the two instances referenced in the Faculty Handbook. The Faculty Handbook says: “In most cases, the option to stop the clock will be limited to two instances, for a maximum of two years.” In other words, a COVID-19 pandemic-related tenure clock stoppage would not preclude a person from requesting and being granted two additional instances.

Intellectual Property

The university will not use the COVID-19 pandemic to alter our normal intellectual property policy. Therefore, resources faculty have uploaded to courses for use during this crisis will not be used for other purposes without knowledge and permission of the faculty member.