April 1, 2020 – Official statement from ACU regarding COVID-19 case in Abilene

We have received reports of information on social media recently demeaning one of our faculty members and their family. There is a lot of misinformation being reported, primarily on social media, and we want to set the record straight. ACU is not aware of any faculty member who has tested positive for COVID-19. 

An ACU faculty member traveled to New York on university business the week of March 4 when there were no restrictions. COVID-19 was declared a pandemic on March 11, the date of their return to Abilene. Per CDC recommendations, ACU asked the faculty member to self-quarantine, which they did for the prescribed time. They have not exhibited any symptoms of the virus.

Their spouse also traveled to New York, but returned March 8. Since the spouse is not an ACU employee, we did not ask them to self-quarantine. The spouse was tested for the virus March 27 and received notification March 29 of positive results. We understand both individuals have been quarantined since that time. The spouse has mild symptoms, and is at home.

We are not aware of any willful violations of CDC guidelines or Abilene city instructions by our faculty member or their family. Their names have not been officially disclosed by health officials, and we will not disclose them either, but we are releasing these facts and this timeline with their consent.

We ask that you be respectful of their right to privacy, and that you keep this member of the ACU community and their family in your prayers during this difficult time.