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Margaret and Herman Brown Library

Brown Library

The Brown Library is the university’s hub for ACU academic life, creative spaces, devoted experts, and critical tools and ideas that shape the ACU community for the positive change we want to see in the world. To access the resources and services of the library, visit the library’s home page.

The seven units of the library work together to host creative inquiry and share critical ideas:

AT&T Learning Studio

The Learning Studio helps students and faculty to develop skills of digital creativity, media fluency, and collaborative problem solving that are essential to careers in the 21st century. In addition, we produce strategic projects that extend the university’s influence to a global audience.

The Maker Lab

The Maker Lab is an ideation studio and prototyping shop that is focused on fabrication of innovative products that address personal interests and sometimes broader societal problems. By teaching creative techniques and practices as part of good character and community, the Maker Lab helps ACU faculty and students to shape positively the world around them.

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ACU Press and Leafwood Publishers serves a broad range of readers by publishing distinctive materials that deepen a critical appreciation of the Christian faith and our current cultural context. We collaborate with faculty and departments across campus to produce textbooks and other resources that extend their scope of their teaching and seek to spread the value of the university to a wide public audience.

The Adams Center

The Adams Center enhances teaching and learning by providing resources and tools that empower faculty. The Adams Center offers faculty opportunities for innovation, focus, leadership, and community building.

The Innovation Foundry

The Innovation Foundry leads in the design and development of educational technology and learning spaces across the university. The center of digital scholarship at ACU, the Innovation Foundry advances research teams, entrepreneurial projects, scholarly communications that are made possible by digital technologies.

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Information Services advances the collection and interpretation of scholarly and professional information resources for reading, research, and writing.  We support faculty, staff, students, and alumni through provision of information resources and instructional services that provide opportunities for comprehensive learning to strengthen critical thinking and information retrieval skills, building a foundation for self-directed and lifelong learning.

Grad students in conversation

Special Collections and Archives acquires and promotes historical materials so that it is the repository of first choice for researchers seeking resources related to the Stone-Campbell Movement and Churches of Christ.  We offer faculty, staff, students, and alumni the opportunity to experience their Christian heritage.

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