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Course Transfer/Evaluation

The maximum number of transfer credit hours that may be applied toward an ACU undergraduate degree is 88 and 80 for online degrees. No more than 66 semester hours of credit may be from a community, junior or other two-year college.

See how your credits will transfer:

We have an easy way for you to see your transfer equivalencies. Our transfer portal will show you how your past coursework may apply to your majors and give you a checklist of the steps to apply.

About course transfer:

  • Transfer courses with a grade of C or higher from regionally accredited institutions will be posted to the student’s ACU records and may count toward graduation if the credits are appropriate.
  • Transfer courses will be posted at the same level they were taken at a previous institution. ACU accepts only work equivalent or comparable to work offered at ACU.
  • Grades for transfer courses are not included in the student’s GPA at ACU.
  • ACU does not accept developmental or remedial courses, institution-specific courses, or courses in which the grade received was D or lower.

To view a list of classes that will transfer to ACU, the Texas Common Course Numbering System is a helpful tool. Click on the “Compare Institutions” option to evaluate the compatibility of your class with an ACU class.

Course Exemptions:

Students who transfer to ACU with 24 or more transferable hours do not have to take certain ACU-specific courses.

0-23 Transferable Hours – Students still take all required courses of incoming freshman.

24-59 Transferable Hours – Students combine BIBL 101 and BIBL 102 into one course, BIBL 103.

60 or More Transferable Hours – In addition to the above exemptions, students will not be required to take an advanced BIBL selection.